New guidance published on menopause in the workplace

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has recently published guidance on menopause in the workplace. It is important for employers to discharge their legal obligations to support workers experiencing menopausal symptoms, which have a significant impact on women at work. The follow link details the research conducted and provides a summary of the legal obligations […]

Vento Bands – 2024

The annual update to the Vento Guidelines have been published. These increase the range of possible compensation awards that a Tribunal can make in relation to injury to feelings claims in discrimination cases. The Vento guidelines were first introduced in 2002 and they have provided a guide for employment tribunals to determine the level of […]

Changes to discrimination type claims

There have been a number of recent cases where the Employment Appeal Tribunal has reconsidered areas of law relating to discrimination. Topics that have been considered include what can be deemed as continuing acts in disability discrimination claims, the extent of an employer’s duty to make reasonable adjustments, and the scope for beliefs to be […]

Reasonable responses in an unfair dismissal claim

A recent case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal has elaborated and provided further guidance on how employers may act within the “range of reasonable responses” when considering dismissal for gross misconduct. When employers are considering a disciplinary outcome for potential misconduct, Tribunals will consider whether the outcome that they reach was within the range of […]

Extension of Equal Pay provisions

The Labour Government are planning to introduce new statutory changes in relation to Equal Pay provisions, extending the provision to include BAME and disabled workers. Under current legislation, claims can only be brought in relation to equal pay where the Claimant alleges that the reason for a difference in pay was on the grounds of […]

Increase in Tribunal Compensation Limits

The Government has announced the changes to compensation limits in the Employment Tribunal. These new rates will apply to all claims which are presented in the Employment Tribunal on or after 6 April 2024. The government has announced the annual increase in compensation limits for Employment Tribunal awards and other statutory payments. The government has […]

Paternity Leave

Draft regulations have been laid before Parliament, which propose to change the way in which paternity leave is exercised. Whilst the entitlement to paternity leave remains at two weeks, the changes will allow parents greater flexibility to choose when they wish to take the period of leave. Currently, employees who wish to take paternity leave […]

Unpaid Carer’s Leave – new statutory rights

From April 2024, there will be a new statutory right for an employee to take unpaid leave in order to care for a dependant. Employers will not be able to decline the request, and can only postpone the request in very limited circumstances. In May 2023, the Government passed the Career’s Leave Act 2023. Draft […]

Flexible Working -new legislation

Currently, an employee can make a request to its employer for flexible working, but first needs to have been employed continuously for a period of 26 weeks. New legislation has been introduced that will now make this a “day one” right, and also varies the obligations on employers on receipt of such a request. The […]

April 2024 Changes to the National Minimum Wage come in to force

In April 2024, the changes to the National Minimum Wage announced in November 2023 will come into force. Employers should ensure that they are aware of these rates and have checked that all employees remain above the new rates. There will also be another significant change, that the minimum age for the National Living Wage […]