Supreme Court rules on holiday pay claims -explained

For the second time in just over a year, the Supreme Court has been asked to deliver a judgment on a claim related to holiday pay, which has the potential to significantly impact the claims that may be brought for non-payment by employees. The Supreme Court’s latest decision in Chief Constable of the Police Service […]

A Marathon Birthday Celebration for Nigel!

For most people a 60th birthday celebration would involve a party, opening presents and eating cake with friends and family – but not for Davies and Partners’ Director Nigel Tillott

What to look out for in the world of Employment Law in 2023 – Part 3

Introducing more ‘family friendly’ legislation has been in the pipeline for some time now, with several proposals being ‘stalled’ by the Pandemic. However, in 2023 it is likely that new legislation, some of which are still being debated at the House of Commons, will in fact be made law. Within this article we take a […]

What to look out for in the world of Employment Law in 2023 – Part 1

For many, 2022 was deemed the ‘terrible 2’s’ – a war of the kind nobody ever thought would happen in modern day Europe, the cost-of-living crisis, a global recession, climate change and the death of the longest reigning monarch in British history. Employment law has also seen many developments in 2022, and there is plenty […]

When a ‘Pool of One’ was held unfair in a redundancy selection process.

When a business is faced with the difficult decision to make staff redundancies, one consideration which may need to be addressed is what the ‘at risk’ pool of employees may look like. Pooled redundancy cases refer to situations where an employer is making staff redundant who undertake similar work, and as an employer you have […]

Compliance with time limits & submission of documents at an Employment Tribunal

In the recent case of Cygnet Behavioural Health Ltd V Britton 2022, the Employment Tribunal has reinforced the legal tests applied when considering whether a claim which had not been submitted on time, should be allowed to proceed. If you have had the misfortune of being involved in an Employment Tribunal claim you will know […]