Employment Law For Employees

Employment law can be a minefield for individuals. We understand the pressures on an employee when your professional life is not going to plan, and how those pressures can impact heavily on all other aspects of your life.

Our extensive experience in advising both employers and employees means that we will usually be able to pre-empt what the ‘other side’ may do in any given situation.

We will provide you with the most comprehensive understanding of the issues involved, what protection you are entitled to under the law, and what will help your case.

Every employment dispute is unique and will be fact specific, with each individual seeking to achieve potentially different outcomes. This is where we can help.

We will work with you to enable you to fully understand, not only your legal rights, but also to discuss your options, which reflect the realities of the workplace, and to demonstrate how best to achieve an effective resolution.

Our specialist employment team act for a wide variety of different employees and workers, across all sectors and professions. We can advise you through your work life cycle; whether this be employment issues you may face during the employment relationship or on termination of employment.

Contact a member of our specialist team to discuss your employment concerns. You can email us, fill in our online form, telephone or visit us at one of our five offices.

Specialist areas of advice for Employees

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Specialist areas of advice for Employees

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