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Employer Insurance and Retainer Services

Our aim is to make dealing with employment issues as straightforward and pain free as possible for businesses. We recognise that each business has separate requirements and we are totally flexible with the ways in which we offer our services to best meet the requirements of each business.

Some businesses prefer to engage us in the traditional way by paying for our services as and when required at an agreed hourly rate. Sometimes businesses prefer to instruct us to undertake a specific project for a fixed price. We are finding that more and more businesses like to engage us on a retainer basis. Basically, this means that a company pays a set monthly fee and then uses us as required without worrying about how costs are escalating.

Davies and Partners’ employment team also offer a Total Legal Care service for employers. This is an insurance package to ensure that if the worst comes to the worst, employers have the funding to pursue the defence of a tribunal claim and can continue to instruct us without undergoing an administrative nightmare as the claim is assessed. We take no commission in relation to this scheme. It is all about providing an effective and efficient legal service to our clients.

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