Vento Bands – 2024

The annual update to the Vento Guidelines have been published. These increase the range of possible compensation awards that a Tribunal can make in relation to injury to feelings claims in discrimination cases.

The Vento guidelines were first introduced in 2002 and they have provided a guide for employment tribunals to determine the level of compensation for employees who have suffered discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

It has been announced that for claims presented on or after 6th April 2024, the Vento bands will be:

1. The lower band- £1,200 to £11,700

2. The middle band- £11,700 to £35,200; and

3. The upper band- £35,200 to £58,700

When the tribunal is determining which band the compensation award will fall in, it will take into account the seriousness of the discrimination on a case to case basis.

In particularly exceptional cases the monetary award for injury to feelings can exceed the upper band of £58,700.

It is important that employers and large companies consider and remain informed of these increased costs when assessing their management of workforce and employment related disputes.

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